Saturday, May 30, 2009

Maybe a little like Daddy?

Here's a picture of Daddy at 5-6 months. I was a lot chunkier than Maggie, but this is definitely a smile she can make.

Wow, no posts since January

Well, a lot has happened since January, but Daddy hasn't taken any time to post about it. Maggie is eating a little bit of solid food (not happily), sitting up, rolling over. No teeth yet, and she weighed 13 lbs 5 ounces at her trip to the doctor next week. Thankfully, she remains a very sweet, happy baby and a great sleeper. Here are some pics to catch us up. I'll post her 7 month photo once we take it.

First solid food (6 mos, May 2)

6 month photo (April 29)
Trip to Duke Gardens in the Ergo Carrier (highly recommend it, for the good of Daddy's back)
Bath Time!
Refuge Easter meeting at our house with Nana and Grandaddy
Cousin Anna visits Easter weekend
Happy 5 month Old (April 2)

5 month photo (April 28)
First Picnic and Hike (Durant Nature Park, March22)
Reading with Nana (March 12)
Meeting Aiden (Daddy's roomate from VT's son, he was born in November)

Wait a minute, this is sister, not baby!

4 month photo (Feb 28)

Daddy's birthday (Feb 19)
Meeting Noah Lucas (visiting with Mom Krista from California)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Maggie's Dedication

The Sunday after Christmas, we had a dedication service for Maggie with our house church. We met at Phil and Joanie's and most of the meeting was praying for Maggie, us as parents, and the community. Todd did a great job and it was a very special day, with all the grandparents there, along with Uncle Tim, Aunt Bethany, Aunt Dawn, and Aunt Tammy.



My family came for a day and Debbie's came for a long visit (from all over the country!). We had a great first Christmas with Maggie. Here are some photos.
Uncle Tim
Mommy reading a book from Santa to Santa's helperAunt Bethany and the horse Uncle Dave and Aunt Tammy made for Maggie
Mommy decorated the house.The Tofurkey that saved Christmas

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Newborn Photos

Maggie is 5 weeks old today! She likes to hear Mommy sing, listen to cool music with Dad, stare at the bannister on our stairs, and hold up her head. She's generally a very happy and good baby, we are very blessed.
Here are some pictures the ladies at Your Still Life Photography took when she was 18 days old.

Saturday, November 22, 2008